Return Conditions

İade Şartları

Return and Exchange Policy

Basic Rules

As a general rule, you can return the product you purchased within 14 business days from the delivery date along with the invoice issued by the authorized firm. Please note that products classified as hygienic items should not be tried on.

Hygiene and Trying On

You might have an unnoticed nail fungus or leg condition. Therefore, once you try on (wear) a sock, it loses its hygienic property and may develop folds or deformations, making it non-returnable.

Our Recommendations

We recommend not purchasing a sock you haven't used or bought before. This helps prevent mutually disappointing situations. If you haven't worn the sock, you can return it at any time without worrying about the 15-day limit.

Manufacturing Defects and Wrong Items

Although rare, the wrong size or color might accidentally be placed in the box during production, or there might be factory defects. In such cases, exchanges are completely free of charge. Manufacturing defects may not be immediately noticeable. If you believe there is a manufacturing defect, even after 15 days, please inform us. We will inspect the product technically and provide feedback as soon as possible. In the case of a manufacturing defect, exchanges or replacements will be made without any hassle and at no cost.

Size Measurements and Returns

When placing your order, please ensure that you have accurately measured the size for your socks. If you do not intend to wear the socks and will only check them upon delivery (for reasons like thickness, texture, color, etc.), please be careful not to tear or damage the original packaging while opening it.

Mutual Goodwill

Beyond all rules, laws, and written texts, mutual goodwill is our top priority. While laws and rules apply, our main goal is to ensure this transaction results in a positive outcome for both parties.

Return Process

When returning products, always include a signed note explaining the reason for the return along with your invoice. Instead of adding a separate note, you can simply write the reason for the return and sign it on an appropriate area of the invoice.

For any questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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