Distance Contracting


1.1 SATICI/Yetkili Satıcı Firma

Title: Merkmedical

Address    : General Şahap Gürler Cad. No:6/B Kadıköy - Istanbul

Phone: 0543 2738324

web       : www.variscorabi.com

email: bilgi@variscorabi.com

1.2 BUYER:

BUYER has purchased the products whose features are specified in this Agreement and the preliminary information form. The features and terms of use of the purchased product/service are as stated in the information on the goods/service promotion page on the website www.variscorabi.com and in the preliminary information form, which is considered an integral part of this Agreement. All members: Become a member of www.variscorabi.com and or all buyers who shop without being a member. (hereinafter referred to as buyer).



The subject of this agreement is; Consumer No. 4077, regarding the sale and performance of the products/services specified in Article 1.3, having the qualifications mentioned in this Agreement and the preliminary information form, which the BUYER purchased electronically from MerkMedikal's website www.variscorabi.com. It is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the Law on Protection and the Regulation on Distance Contracts Implementation Principles and Procedures. BUYER, basic characteristics of the products subject to sale, sales price, payment method, etc. He accepts and declares that he is aware of all preliminary information regarding the product subject to sale, that he has approved this preliminary information electronically, and that he has subsequently purchased the product electronically, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The preliminary information form and the invoice containing the fees for the products/services to be sent on behalf of the BUYER are an integral part of this Agreement.


This Agreement has been concluded between the BUYER and the SELLER over the web as soon as it is declared that it has been read and accepted by the BUYER, and it will have its provisions and consequences from that moment on. A copy of the Agreement has been sent via e-mail to the recipient's e-mail address.


After the purchased product/service is ordered by the BUYER, the payment method is determined and the terms of use are approved (BUYERS cannot continue the transaction unless these conditions are selected and accepted), the product/service in question is delivered to the address specified by the BUYER.


The product/service(s) will only be sold to variscorabi.com users. BUYER, who is a variscorabi.com user, declares that he has read, understood and accepted all preliminary information about the product/service before purchasing the product/s and/or service/s he has purchased specified in article 1.3. By purchasing the products/services in question, the BUYER has obtained the right to use or benefit within the limits and conditions specified in the preliminary information form. BUYER(S) undertakes and declares that they have purchased the product completely and without any problems by checking it while receiving it at the door. Of course, the return of products delivered completely and without defects is possible within 7 days (seven business days).


variscorabi.com is responsible for ensuring that the product/service subject to this Agreement complies with the qualifications specified in the preliminary information form. Directly prevents variscorabi.com from fulfilling its obligations regarding the products/services in question; It is obliged to ensure the continuity of service of products/services, except natural disasters, legal strikes, general epidemics, war, declaration of partial or general mobilization, transportation accidents, software-related problems or disruptions in the services received from relevant suppliers and similar force majeure events. If the presentation of the product/service becomes impossible due to a reason not caused by variscorabi.com itself, it will be obliged to notify the BUYER within a reasonable time that the performance of the contract is impossible and to stop the service within this period. variscorabi.com is also obliged to announce any changes regarding the products or services in question to all BUYERS on the official website of www.variscorabi.com or via the e-mail address provided by the BUYER during the sale or via a method determined by it.

variscorabi.com does not guarantee to BUYERS that the product/service(s) will be provided uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and does not undertake any service or performance level commitment in this regard. The effective use of the product/service and all the consequences of this use are the responsibility of the BUYER, and the BUYER is not responsible in any way for the expected results of the product/service(s) being incomplete or incomplete or not fit for purpose and for any direct or indirect damages that may arise for these reasons. variscorabi.com will not be liable in any way for any loss or damage incurred as a result of (a) any usage errors offered with the product/service(s). variscorabi.com has the authority to make changes, remove and/or add content that it deems inappropriate, at its sole discretion, on any content offered with the product/service(s).


The prices of the product/service(s) selected by the BUYER specified in Article 1.3 are as follows:

The product ordered by the BUYER is the amount specified on variscorabi.com. The buyer may be charged additionally depending on the payment method he/she chooses. When you want to pay with the Cash on Delivery option, the additional costs determined by the cargo companies will be included in the invoice. These costs are clearly shown in the order details before placing the order on variscorabi.com. After placing the order, the BUYER will be able to clearly see the shipping cost in the order details. For the products delivered to the buyer, the buyer will not pay any additional fee other than the amount specified in the invoice provided by the distribution personnel.

Changes in product/service fees or tax rates will be reflected in product/service prices by variscorabi.com. Variscorabi.com has the right to change prices at any time, including but not limited to these. Such changes will be announced via www.variscorabi.com.


variscorabi.com's products and services that are the subject of this contract, Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection and Regulation on Distance Contracts Implementation Principles and Procedures, article 7.4. It is within the scope of services performed instantly in electronic environment in accordance with (f). Therefore, this contract is within the scope of the 1st paragraph of Article 7 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts Implementation Principles and Procedures regarding the BUYER's right of withdrawal without assuming any legal or criminal liability. BUYER can return the product/service within 7 business days if the conditions specified in the return conditions are met. The buyer accepts and undertakes that in case of withdrawal/return, he will bear the shipping costs related to the return of the product he purchased.


In disputes that may arise from this agreement,  (Central) Courts have jurisdiction. In addition, the BUYER may submit his complaints and objections to the arbitration committee or consumer court on consumer issues in the place where he purchased the goods or services or where he resides, within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry in December every year.


This Agreement covers the services performed immediately. When the order placed by the BUYER checks the "I accept the terms of use" checkbox, all conditions of this Agreement will come into force with the confirmation process that will be deemed to be accepted by the BUYER.

A copy of the Agreement has been automatically sent to the e-mail address specified by the BUYER in Article 1.2 of this Agreement to be kept by the BUYER.