Is it effective?

How effective is the VenaSeal Procedure?

The published success of the VenaSeal Closure Procedure is up to 98.9% successful, with far fewer complications than EVLA surgery. VenaSeal has been fiercely debated and reviewed in the United States and Europe over the last 5 years. Published results demonstrate a low risk of complications and excellent medium-term outcomes. The VeClose Study in Germany showed a closure (vein closure) rate of 98.9% at 6 months.

VenaSeal is considered as effective as Endovenous Laser Ablation but does not require the use of heat and can therefore be performed using a nerve block or a small amount of local anesthesia rather than a large amount of anesthesia.

It is possible to treat two or more veins in one session. Compression stockings are usually not necessary and patients can return to normal activities immediately. Surface Varicose Veins are usually treated with Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy or Ambulatory Phlebectomy 2-4 weeks after the VenaSeal Procedure.

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