How to Wear?

The best and most appropriate time to put on socks is before getting out of bed. Because there is no swelling in the feet when you first get out of bed.

When wearing compression socks, the feet must be dry. It should not be damp or wet. Powdering the legs is among the recommendations as it will be easier to wear compression socks. This way, the socks will be easier to put on.

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If you are going to wear your socks over a bandage or bandage, we recommend that you wear a thin nylon sock over the bandage or bandage before putting on the socks. In this way, wearing your socks will be easier and without difficulty.

You don't have to roll or turn the socks inside out to wear them. Pat your compression socks with the palm of your hand to ensure that they fit perfectly on your feet, especially on your heel.

Never wear your socks by pulling them on by the upper hem. Stroke the sock upwards with your palm so that it sits on your leg with equal tension.

When wearing pantyhose, you should continue the above mentioned process up to your waist.

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When wearing open toe/toe socks, the toe part of your sock should stay under your toes to allow free movement of the toes.

In compression stockings that are used and worn correctly, they may be slightly in front or behind the base of the toes. When you have finished wearing the socks, pull them off by holding the toe of your sock slippers.

For below-the-knee socks, the upper end should be pulled down to just below the knee.
For mid-knee-crotch socks, the elastic part should be at the mid-thigh level.
For socks that reach up to the crotch, the elastic part should be pulled up to the crotch.
The elastic part of pantyhose should be pulled up to the waist.
You can wear your compression socks using traditional step-by-step methods as stated in the instructions below.


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Put your hand inside the sock and grasp the hem.

Turn the sock inside out, holding it by the toe. (Upside Down)

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Place your fingertips on the toe of the sock and slowly pull the sock towards your ankle. Then continue to put the sock on your foot with your toes. If you use gloves at this point, pulling the sock will be a little easier. Do not hold and pull the upper part of the sock, you may damage the sock. Therefore, put on socks gradually and gently.

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Depending on the model of your socks (knee-high, below-knee, pantyhose), continue to put the socks on slowly. Perform the same procedure on your other foot.


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