What are Compression Socks?

You must have seen or heard of socks that are specially produced in different lengths and provide different degrees of pressure only on the legs. However, if you have never had to use a compression sock, or have never chosen to use one, there are probably a lot of things you don't know about these socks. There are many topics you need to learn about misconceptions, from its medical benefits to the fact that it should only be used by people over a certain age.

Compression socks (or compression socks) are socks that, unlike classic socks, are produced in various lengths and designed to tighten your legs a little more. The main purpose of these socks is to promote better blood circulation in the legs. Helping blood circulation in the legs is actually a very practical and common solution. But it's also an underutilized solution. In other words, more people can benefit from the benefits of using these socks.

How do Compression Socks help?

These socks are especially useful for venous problems in the legs, thanks to the pressure they provide. There are numerous studies and findings on this subject. 90% of leg disorders originate from the veins. Venous insufficiency is a good example. Venous insufficiency, in other words the malfunction of the vein valves, causes blood to collect in the legs and slows down its return to the heart. You can use these special socks with the advice of a doctor in order to improve blood flow in the leg veins and prevent accumulation in the legs. These socks are specially produced socks that apply more pressure in the foot area and gradually decrease as the pressure increases. In this way, the blood in the foot veins is constantly pumped back to the heart. It supports circulation in the leg veins and prevents blood clotting, that is, deep vein thrombosis. It prevents swelling and pain, which are symptoms of chronic vascular diseases and varicose veins.

Apart from venous insufficiency, that is, even if you do not have any problems with your leg veins, if you spend the day standing or sitting for long periods of time, compression socks help reduce the pain and swelling in your feet.

Even if you are very healthy, sometimes blood accumulation may occur on very long flights, which may increase the risk of clotting, although the risk of clotting is very low. Complaints such as swelling and pain in your feet may occur after or during long flights, even if you have a healthy vascular structure. You have surely experienced these processes.

Similar complaints may occur in people who sit or stand for long periods of time.

Compression Socks Types

There are generally two types of compression socks. One of these is pressure socks and the other is anti-embolism socks. As always, be sure to consult your doctor before using these socks.

Compression socks are the most common socks used by many people. The pressure in these socks provides a pressure that gradually decreases as you move up from the ankle. While you feel the most pressure at the ankle, you feel that this pressure decreases as you go up depending on the length of the sock you bought.

Anti-Emboli socks are more specific socks. It is used in hospitalized patients or in patients who need to lie down after surgery. The purpose of Anti-Emboli socks is to prevent blood clots as well as supporting blood circulation. Anti-Emboli socks should not be used if you are on the move. Be sure to consult your doctor for detailed information.

Can athletes benefit from compression socks?

It is often seen that athletes in different sports wear compression socks or even compression socks that only cover the calf. Although there are not many studies proving that these socks are effective in athletes, there are indications that they may aid recovery. In a study conducted in Australia among athletes who thought that compression stockings worked; It was concluded that "if you use compression socks, your performance may increase in your next run."

You can find details about the study on this page. this page. You can also review the scientific article here. here.

Despite this study, its positive effect on athletes is only a theory at the moment. The content of this theory is to increase oxygen delivery to the muscles, improve blood circulation, and accelerate the removal of lactic acid. But there is no scientific study yet that really supports this. These sports compression socks can be considered a completely personal preference. Athletes may feel better and more comfortable this way. He may believe it benefits competition. The reason for use may be many things other than these.

However, compression socks made for athletes definitely have a few advantages. Security and protection. These socks are thicker than normal socks and are produced with a superior technology. Therefore, they protect the skin and keep the legs warm and dry. There are also models that allow you to be seen more easily at night.

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Can Everyone Use Compression Socks?

The best part about compression socks, especially the light pressure/Relaxing/Protective ones, is that you don't need a doctor's approval to try them. For most people, trying these socks poses no risk. It is wrong to think that compression stockings are generally used above a certain age and they can be used by people of all ages. You can find many low-compression socks suitable for daily use. Any healthy person can actually use medium pressure compression socks, but you should still consult your doctor. If you have an unknown vascular disease, these socks may negatively affect you.

You can start using these socks as soon as you wake up in the morning and take them off after dinner. If compression bothers you during the day, you can remove these socks immediately. If you sit or stand for long periods of time at work and your feet hurt and swell during and at the end of the day, give these socks a try. They can really make you happy.

Compression stockings used for treatment purposes do not cure, they only help the treatment. So, if you have varicose veins, it will not eliminate them.

In short, compression socks are a gold standard that helps in the treatment of varicose veins and many related diseases.

The most important issue here is not the color, elegance or appearance of the compression socks, but the purpose for which they will be used. For this reason, the right pressure and size must first be selected, and then aesthetics must be taken into account.



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