Advantages and Disadvantages


It is an extremely comfortable procedure since local anesthesia is performed. The patient is comfortable and safe.

Eliminates the use of compression socks.

Sessions are quite short

After treatment, you can quickly return to normal daily life and perform your activities.

General anesthesia is not needed. Therefore, the need for a fully comprehensive hospital is eliminated. You won't wait in line.

There is no possibility of nerve injury/damage or thermal injury.


Treated veins can become inflamed easily and Anti-Inflammatories may be required. For this reason, the recovery period may be longer. In this respect, it is not much different from Vascular Endovenous Laser Treatment.

VenaSeal is not currently covered by Social Security and is a very expensive procedure.

The average VenaSeal treatment fee is around 3500,- USD. (This price is the average of clinic prices in America. Since it is not very common in our country yet, the price cannot be given. However, this information will be updated as soon as possible.